Slabs for Sale

Recently, we received a large load of hardwood slabs from Indonesia. These are gorgeous live-edge slabs, perfect for statement pieces (dining tables, conference tables, statement shelving, etc.) which will be listed and made available individually.  These pieces are offered at once-in-a-lifetime prices, and available as just a slab or incorporated into a fuller design (pricing to vary). So if you’ve been dreaming of something really special, please look through and bring your ideas to life!

Slab 11

This hardwood slab has gorgeous rippling grain.

It measures ~111 inches long and 3 1/2 inches thick. At its widest point, it measures ~52 inches wide and ~ 39 inches at the narrowest point. As you can see on the back, it was previously mounted on legs and has been butterflied to prevent further splitting. This sizable piece would add a rich touch to any conference room or great room. $850.



Slab 20

This hardwood has been stained, sealed, and features a patch.  It would make a darling dining table.

All measurements approximate:  78 1/4″ long,  3 3/4″ thick.  36.5 ” at widest point, 30.5 ” at narrow point. $650.


Slab 21

This hardwood slab features some resin work that could easily be re-inforced. It would make a solid dining table.

All measurements approximate: 79″ long, almost 4″ thick. 42″ at its widest point, and 38″ at its narrowest. $650