MP Custom Made is a labor of love for partnersĀ Michael Pendleton and Yojo Shaw.

We create art, furniture, design elements, and downright glorious messes from reclaimed materials and invasive species. Using old-growth reclaimed lumber, it is our joy to help these often-humble materials tell their history again andĀ again.


Michael Pendleton
Michael first became interested in carpentry as many have– by watching his grandfathers work. Michael went on to pursue visual arts, theatre props, and even studied Industrial Operations. In the end, not much makes him happier than working to create beautiful functional objects. Ice cream maybe comes a close second. Possibly.

Yojo Shaw
Yojo was raised by coyotes in the woods of Central Pennsylvania and transported to all over the US by strange dreams. An avid beekeeper, gardener, and writer, she is grateful to add ‘artist’ to her resume. Give her some glue and a bandsaw and she will surprise you.

Our Morale Officer/Chief Inspector Isobel is an All-American dog hailing from Oklahoma. Her hobbies include deflating basketballs, obsessing over squirrels, and long naps under the workbench.


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