You’re an adult. You can just go live in the woods.

Like all people in the last few months, we’ve been humbled by the events around us, engaged in the work of protecting and sustaining ourselves and our neighbors, and trying to weather an ever-changing storm that is our same-old-new-world. In other words, we’ve been busy. But our work has come to fruition in a big way, and we are happy to announce that MP Custom Made will soon be moving to rural Central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania- Penn’s Woods.

MP Pennsylvania- you can see where this is going.

We will shift our shop, home, animal companions, and materials but still offer handmade quality with an artistic flair. Just from a different spot of woods.

We will be staging a socially-distant ‘Studio Sale’ event next month, hopefully coinciding with nearby Open House Chicago events. This sale will feature art pieces, furniture, prototypes, raw materials, and even a few tools which would love to find a new home before the big move. After all, who really wants to be packed onto a truck and driven for 9-11 hours when they could just pop into your car and be there in 15 minutes?

Stay tuned for details on the event.

The Great Bowl Sale (part 1)

The following wooden bowls were turned on our ancient lathe and are for sale by the link listed. Prices include domestic shipping.

We are donating 50% of proceeds from the items on this page to Brave Space Alliance.

Brave Space Alliance deserves your support as they continue their work in the South and West Sides, as well as continue to inspire change across Chicago.

To donate directly, please visit

Tiny Walnut bowl. Homey, cute, and a great place to store your rings while you work. Stands approximately 1 1/2″ tall and is approx. 3 3/4″ wide at the top. Finished with polyurethane. For display only. $21. Click below to purchase

Tiny Ash Bowl. Simple, clear, and also a great place to put your tiny treasures. Stands slightly over 1 1/2″ tall and is approx 4 1/4″ wide at the top. Finished in polyurethane. For display only. $21. Please click below to purchase.

Tiny Walnut Chalice. Solid vessel on tall pedestal. Stands approx 2 7/8″ tall and is just over 3/12″ wide at the top. Finished in polyurethane. For display only. $21. Click below to purchase.

Small Maple Bowl. Pale and elegant with a small live-edge inclusion. Stands approximately 2 1/8″ tall and is approximately 4 3/4″ wide at the top. Finished in polyurethane. For display only. $31. Click below to purchase.

Small maple bowl. Simple and elegant with a hint of spalting in the grain. Approximately 2 3/4″ inches tall and open 3 3/4′ at top. sanded smooth and finished in carnauba wax. For display only. $37 Click below to purchase.

Medium Cottonwood Bowl. Light feathery Chicago cottonwood felled from a storm. Spalting and worm trails evident in grain. Very small foot pedestal. Stands approx 3 1/4″ tall and opens approx. 6 1/2″ at the top. Finished in polyurethane. For Display only. $47. Click below to purchase.

Med/Large Honey Locust Bowl. Stately vessel turned from Chicago honey locust that was felled by a storm in a nearby park. Faults, voids, knots, and even a tiny spot of bark have been preserved. Stands approx. 3 1/2″ tall and is approx. 7 1/2″ wide at the top. Finished with polyurethane. For display only. $57. Click below to purchase.

Something Spooky’s going on…

It’s our favorite time of the year and we are offering two limited edition items to help you celebrate! These are small runs and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Michael made these cute little wooden coffins, just in time for your spooky decorating needs! These are made from old beams from Chicago buildings and are unfinished. They are about 8″ tall and 4″ wide at the largest.
$20 each, plus shipping. Send a message or email to order.


Yojo made these cute little skullies.  They’re handmade of thin plywood and painted simply to keep some grain. Charming imperfection means that each is a little different. Each  has a little hanger on the back. Prices are only $7.50 each plus shipping. Shipping is free if you order 2 or more at a time. Send a message or an email to order71108777_2741650862514708_9135916954995916800_n

SAIC Internship and Career Expo

We are excited to appear at the 2018 SAIC Internship Expo later this month! MP Custom Made will be among other local business both large and small to talk to students about being a creative in business.

Expo Postcard Back for Website

Give that perfect gift

The first breath of fall is in the air,

the pumpkin spice is flowing,

and it can only mean one thing:

Now is the PERFECT time to order custom furniture and artwork for the holiday season!

All of our pieces make wonderful gifts, but special things do take time.

Call or write now to save yourself worry later.

Order Gifts Now





MP Custom Made spotted in Chicago Loop


Just a block away from the Art Institute of Chicago lions, you can stop into Bridgeport Coffee’s newest location for a great brew or snack.

At the corner of Michigan and Jackson, this newest venture from Bridgeport coffee features decor and furniture made by MP Custom Made. Yojo even left some art on the walls to look at when you need to rest your eyes from taking in all the landmarks and sights.

Bridgeport Coffee’s Loop location opens the week of 7/30/18 and is a welcome addition to the downtown scene. Their excellent coffee is now available farther north!  Check out their website for further details.

Coffeehouse Jackson Loop

Milwaukee or Bust!

Join MP Custom Made and many other talented Craftspeople and Artists at the 44th annual Morning Glory Fine Craft Fair.


929 N Water Street, Milwaukee WI

purple petal flower surrounded by green plants during daytime

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Piece for auction right now!

Michael has a beautiful cottonwood bowl up for auction on MP Custom Made’s Facebook page. Check it out!




Etsy shop is active in time for the holidays


Come check it out on etsy.

Now that festival season is over for us, we keep a few smaller art pieces and some housewares in stock.

Spot Us In The Wild!

We are lucky enough to be showing again at Show Of Hands Chicago!


We will be showing furniture and art, and Marbles The Adventure Cat will be on deck Saturday (pending his good mood) so come on up and say hello!


Come see us at an Art Fair near you!

Next up?  Bucktown Arts Fest 2017- August 26 & 27. Holstein Park, Chicago.