Art Available now!

Normally, Yojo’s mosaics are out on the road all year for in-person art fairs and festivals. Due to current circumstances, she will be listing pieces for sale here! Want to purchase? Let us know!


Inspired by and finished during the last full solar eclipse, Eclipse is a stately mosaic of black walnut chunks, buckthorn, and lilac woods. It comes ready to hang in a reclaimed wood frame and measures approximately 28″ tall  by 22.5″ wide $350


Tomoe is a very zen mosaic from silver maple and buckthorn woods hanging in an ash frame. It measures approximately 24.25″ tall and 24.5″ wide. $225.


New Wave  is a pleasant mosaic of pear and buckthorn woods that captures multiple waves in frozen motion. It measures approximately 27.5″ long x 17.25″ wide  (wired to hang horizontally or vertically) $300

eZy Watermark_06-06-2019_10-26-03AM

New Wave Delta. 2019 Mosaic

New Wave Delta is a strong mosaic of black walnut and zebra wood chunks set in buckthorn pieces . It is a real statement piece that will really ground any room it’s displayed in. Measuring approximately 42.5″ long and 26.25″ tall, it comes ready to hang in a walnut frame. $800



Butterflies is a smaller, figurative piece. Yojo has shaped two graceful butterflies from reclaimed assorted tropical hardwoods that were in bowtie shapes and set them afloat in a sky of buckthorn cuts. 19″ tall and approximately 16 3/4″ wide in its walnut frame. $175

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