You’re an adult. You can just go live in the woods.

Like all people in the last few months, we’ve been humbled by the events around us, engaged in the work of protecting and sustaining ourselves and our neighbors, and trying to weather an ever-changing storm that is our same-old-new-world. In other words, we’ve been busy. But our work has come to fruition in a big way, and we are happy to announce that MP Custom Made will soon be moving to rural Central Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania- Penn’s Woods.

MP Pennsylvania- you can see where this is going.

We will shift our shop, home, animal companions, and materials but still offer handmade quality with an artistic flair. Just from a different spot of woods.

We will be staging a socially-distant ‘Studio Sale’ event next month, hopefully coinciding with nearby Open House Chicago events. This sale will feature art pieces, furniture, prototypes, raw materials, and even a few tools which would love to find a new home before the big move. After all, who really wants to be packed onto a truck and driven for 9-11 hours when they could just pop into your car and be there in 15 minutes?

Stay tuned for details on the event.

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